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A new all South Australian affair

I know I don’t write as much about South Australian beer as much as I should, mostly because I am pretty focused on the 1001 beer challenge. Watch for a unboxing video later this week but something came through my email this week which was pretty exciting.

Coopers, Lobethal Bierhaus and the Adelaide Botanic Gardens with the Adelaide University have got together to create a purely South Australian beer, The Botanic Ale.

lobethal-6The Botanic Beer is made from Navigator Barley, a breed of barley bred from a University of Adelaide cultivated strand in the Botanic Gardens. The barley was then malted by local company, Joe White Maltings. Coopers brewery has supported the growing of barley in the CBD but when the time came the amount of malted barley was not large enough to fit into the Coopers brewing system. This is where Alistair Turnbull and the Lobethal Bierhaus comes in. Coopers got in touch with Alistair and offered to collaborate with him on this new all South Australian beer.

Today was the day for the boil to begin and the hops to be added at the Bierhaus. Tim Cooper went to Lobethal and when I spoke to Alistair today he said that he wanted to make sure that the brewery was looking it’s best. I can’t say I blame him, it is not often that the head of the biggest Australian owned brewery comes to visit, especially when he comes to visit the site of the breweries first collaboration in it’s 152 year history. Despite this the whole process was one of fun as Alistair’s other collaborations with the Yeastie Boys from New Zealand and the boys from Belair Fine Wines have been.  

Only 1,200 litres of the beer are being made which is going to make this beer a hot commodity. The beer itself is going to be a fun pale ale tending more towards the American full hoppy sort of flavour profile as opposed to the more malt driven English pales. I don’t know what the malt is going to bring but the hops used for bittering were Pride of Ringwood. The hops chucked in the middle and end included Cascade, Galaxy and a hop that I hadn’t heard of (Not uncommon by the way) called Triskel. Triskel has strong floral characteristics and is often used in Belgian style ales. 

All profits from the beer are going to support the Adelaide Botanical Gardens and you are going to be able to pick up the Botanic Ale from the Bierhaus and Botanic Gardens Restaurant from October 29th in bottles and on tap. If the excitement from Alistair Turnbull was anything to go by I am going to be making sure I am there to get one of the first tastes in late October

Read the press release, BOTANIC ALE 

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