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Mann’s Brown Ale

In a craft beer world full of competition for who can be the most outrageous, have the highest amount of bitterness or a crazy alcohol percentage it is refreshing to try something that has held on to it’s low alcohol traditions. Today’s beer is Mann’s Brown Ale.photo 1 (10)


Mann’s is a traditional British Brown Ale at a very low 2.3% beer it is considered by some as a soft drink that you could throw back as fast as a coke on a hot summers day. Still like it or loathe it, and most people I know these days are on the loathe side of the ledger, mild brown ales are part of the long history of British brewing. These beers were the ones of the working class to enjoy during and after work. 

Unfortunately for Mann’s and the company that owns them, Marston’s, time has moved on and the beers people like are not the ones of moderation and lunch time drinking of old. The beer pours out a ruby brown colour with a soft small head which quickly evaporates. The longer you leave it the more it looks like cola.

The beer itself is one which is certainly sweet on the nose with not even a whiff of a hop involved. The taste and mouth feel very much reflects the smell. It is sweet but that sweetness doesn’t bring about the sort of depth that I am looking for in my beer. This thin, almost stinginess is a common complaint that I have with mid and light strength beers and Mann’s is no exception. Still this is probably one of the better mid’s I have tried but it is certainly no Birbeck’s Two Captains or Little Creatures Rogers which is what I would suggest if you were hitting the road and needed to be more responsible.       


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