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Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA

I am pretty excited!

I really like beer, anyone who has read this or known me would know this but Dogfish Head is a brewery that has been hyped up. The founder, Sam Calagione, is one of the new beer celebrities and I am very curious to see how this brewery stacks up. Overhyped or just pure quality? We will see.

Before we get started on the beer I think we need to understand the cult that follows Dogfish Head. For starters when you are launching a new face for craft brewing it really helps if you can find a craft brewer who looks like this.












As opposed to how beer is often presebeer_fairies Canadian Club adnted which is like this






Not only am I told Sam is ridiculously attractive he was personable enough to manage to have his own TV show on the Discovery Chanel.

It is actually pretty good for the one season that it ran, I have a DVD copy, you can still get it on Amazon if you are interested.

So there you have it personable, attractive and a good taste in beer has lead to someone from Delaware to set up a brewery of Off Centred Ales for Off Centred People. 

Regardless of whether you drool over Sam or you think he is drool there is no doubt that people love Dogfish Head and I am very much looking forward to trying the 90 Minute Imperial IPA.photo 4 (9)

The 90 minute is called such because it is boiled and hopped for 90 minutes, apparently they now have a cannon which shoots hops into the wort (unfermented beer) at regular intervals that is pretty cool. This gives the beer a high level of bitterness (90 IBUs). The beer balances this high level of hoppy bitterness by raising the alcohol level to 9% by volume which is going to go to your head. Don’t drive after this!

Having said that it pours a clear golden colour that reminds me of how beer looks in ads and is enormously enticing. When sniffing the beer I get a strong malt sweetness but there was a little bit of citrus.


90 Minute IPAWhen you taste this beer there is none chance you won’t know that you are having a full flavoured beer. It is not only strong and bitter but beautifully balanced. if you told me that this beer had 90 IBU’s I wouldn’t believe it but hey in Sam we trust. Esquire Magazine apparently calls it “perhaps the best IPA in America.” I don’t think that they are far from the mark, having said that at some point in my future Pliny the Elder is waiting for me. This beer is big, strong, not subtle but perfectly balanced. If you ever get a chance to pick up a bottle I strongly recommend it, better yet if you are ever in Delaware I would make a deter to Dogfish Head.

Next up Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch.



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