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Dogfish Head Review

This is the second of two Dogfish Head beers I have tor review, here is a hint!

Yup there you go, Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch.

Not for you, Little Kitty!

Not for you, Little Kitty!

Midas is named after a real dude who ruled over current day Turkey about 2,700 years ago. When his tomb was discovered in the 1950’s a large selection of drinking vessels, about 40, were found. Analysis showed that the cups contained alcohol in the form of a mix of wine, beer and mead. The molecular archaeologist, Patrick McGovern, looked for a brewery adventurous enough to try recreate this drink and he found it in the form of Dogfish Head in Delaware. This was the first beer which inspired other historical beers that have been made by the DFH. 

The beer itself is made from barley, honey, white muscat grapes and saffron which sounds like an expensive beer and at 9% it is not only rich but also powerful. 

The beer poured with no head but maybe I just poured too slow. The beer is not overly aromatic and is an orangey yellow colour.On tasting the beer you can tell Midas is an all malt affair with not a hop to be found. This beer is about sweetness from muscat grapes, honey and malt. I don’t know enough about saffron to pick that up in the beer. All this sweetness means that the yeast has plenty of sugars to work with and as a result the alcohol content is high and on a cold winter night without a heater I can already feel myself warming up after only a couple of sips.

This beer is an experience and it is not something that I will be seeking out again but regardless it gives me a nice idea about where beer might have come from. Still I think I will be sticking with the modern styles for my regular drinking habits.


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