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Echigo Pilsner

Echigo 1Japan is not really considered craft beer heaven for many people but there is one brewery that has been trying for quite a period now, Echigo.

Echigo was Japanese first Brew pub, established in 1995 and had difficulty gaining notice from a Japanese public used to crisp super dry style lagers. Today’s offering, Echigo Pilsner was the beer that built the bridge between the brewery and the consumers. It is a 5% beer which uses a large amount of Koshihikari rice, up to 20% rather then the industry standard 4% according to the brewers notes

The beer itself looks great, excuse the glassware, that is all they had at the restaurant, a tight head and a wonderful enticing golden colour. There was next to no aroma to go with this beer.The beer presented with a dry sweet malt backbone with very little hop taste of bitterness or florals to fill out the bone dry skeleton of this beer. The beer had a sharp but ultimately quick finish.photo 2 (5) It is a perfect form of a beer but it lacks the bells and whistles of other more popular beers but I wasn’t looking for bells and whistles I was looking for a beer that would quench my thirst and compliment my food choices. It didn’t say “Great choice with that chicken and avocado roll” but it was able to cut through spice without overpowering it and go well with the more subtle types of
flavours in my sushi. At the end of the day that was all I really wanted from this beer, for it to taste good rather then to say I was making good culinary choices and that was excellent what I got. 

Next post is going to be something different. Make sure you are ready for it. 


One comment on “Echigo Pilsner

  1. […] and I were out to dinner. I was having an Echigo Koshihikari Rice Lager with my sushi (Find the review here) and we were chatting away about the food and I mentioned the match with the beer. Now my partner […]


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