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The To Try 5

So Sunday night my girlfriend and I were out to dinner. I was having an Echigo Koshihikari Rice Lager with my sushi (Find the review here) and we were chatting away about the food and I mentioned the match with the beer. Now my partner is not a big craft beer drinking or beer drinking in general but she knows what sort of things she likes. After talking about this for a while the challenge was thrown down, what beers could I find that she might actually enjoy?

Before getting started you need to know the following things about The Cynical Girlfriends drinking palate. She is a definite pilsener person with her favourite being the local S.A. craft beer, Lobethal Pilsener and because I already know that I am not putting it to the list. I think she really likes the crisp lager tastes, nothing too sweet and certainly nothing bitter or floral. Dark beers are also, as a general rule, out.

Don’t even think about trying any of that sour stuff out Justin either because that is just not going to fly.


So without further fruity fanfare here it is; The Cynical Girlfriends to try 5.


Vale Lager: Let’s start with something from the home state, this is 4.5% and while it has the same IBU’s as it’s more famous sibling the Vale Ale it is not nearly has fruity about it, rather the malt profile is turned up so that the flavours from the hops are rather more muted. When I tried this I found it to be a smooth drinking beer which is exactly what I was looking for. If this selection is going to let me down it will be because it lacks that snap to crisp dryness.

Trumer Pils: Trumer is probably one of the world’s best known pils. (you will notice the other one is not on the list) Coming from Austria it prides itself on looking like a great beer from the tight white head to that straw like colour. This beer might be a little bit of a test and may have a too many hops but if it is left to be a little closer to it’s best before date it could definitely fit Rhiannon’s taste profile.

Estrella Damm: It is a jump across to Spain for the next offering, Estrella Damm. This beer can be torn down by beer snobs because to be honest people on rate beer are looking for something extra ordinary, balance means very little on beer rating sites I have found(No lager makes it into Beer Advocates top 150 beers and the majority of entrants are Imperial this or Double that). Let me quantify that by saying this is not a great beer but it is certainly a thirst quencher that you can really enjoy quite cold on a hot day. You can also knock quite a few back which can be said for all of these beers. This is certainly a beer that fits well with have a beer that allows you to have a drink and keep a conversation without having your taste buds destroyed.

Pabst Blue Ribbon: everyone has an opinion about the way PBR has been embraced by hipsters and counter cultural types but regardless of what you feel about the marketing around this beer it provides a good classic sort of american adjunct (I hate that term because it comes with a lot of negative connotations) Refreshing, while retaining some hop flavours that are little more then a swish and finishing sharp. I don’t mind this beer, plus it comes in a 500 mL can. I really like canned beer!

Pilsner Urquell: The creators of the style and lagers to come. The pure water has been the secret but the website claims that this beer is hiding something away from the first sip so maybe the complexity of this beer will be the one that overcomes the craft beer blockage. You never know.


The Dark Horse Beers:

Southwark Premium: A purely S.A. beer, don’t bother looking for it anywhere else. Drink it cold, drink it fast this beer shows everyone what Australian lagers were like in the 70’s and could definitely squeeze into beer drinking contention.

Moo Brew Pilsner: This is probably my favourite on the list of top 5’s and as a result the most complex one. Probably not as dry as it could be to fit Rhiannon’s tastes but regardless it is an excellent example of style and as the last beer on the list is certainly not going to be Rhiannon’s favourite but should be tasted just to show what else is out there.

Sapporo & Kirin: These ‘superdry’ Japanese beers will probably win the day really but I didn’t want to put them in the main competition because I don’t think that is much of a challenge. Having said that my partner will read this before the blind test so maybe I will slip them in.

Okay there you have it, Next time I will come to you with some blind tastings and what my partner thinks of these offerings. There is a bit of reputation on the line.


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