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New Belgium, a new way, and a Fat Tire.

New Belgium is the third largest craft brewery in the United States, which considering the craft beer boom is a high accomplishment. What makes this even more impressive is the structure of New Belgium and it’s origin story. 

Named by former husband and wife team, Jeff Lebesch and Kim Jordan after a cycling tour of Belgium. New Belgium came into being in 1991. This is a brewery that believes in sustainability, they are working towards being wind powered and pay an extra  on their power bills to make sure they get the greenest energy they can. They also put into place the most energy efficient brewing methods that they can.

This is great but it is not the most amazing part of New Belgium and that is the way it is run. This quote is what sums it up for me

” We believe that the collective is stronger than the individual and that informed coworkers will make responsible decisions.”

Fat TireAll the workers at New Belgium have shares in the company and no one else does, there are monthly well being meetings, has a tiny turnover (3% per year) and is in the minority in that it is run by a woman, Kim Jordan, in a world that has been considered masculine for such a long time despite the history of brewing being the realm of a women.

You can see a list of grants and community work that New Belgium does here. 

Today I get my first taste of New Belgium’s flagship beer, Fat Tire.

It is an amber ale at 5.2% by volume and it comes out looking exactly like an excellent amber should. It smells delightfully sweet with hints of honey and some really nice fresh hoppy floral smell. If the smell is good the taste is better. I can why this was the beer that took off. It is everything I like without being a fatiguing type of beer. Easy to drink but amazingly enjoyable if you find it, grab a 6 pack, it goes amazing on the spring picnics that are to come. I got mine from Beer Cartel.

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