The To Try 5

So Sunday night my girlfriend and I were out to dinner. I was having an Echigo Koshihikari Rice Lager with my sushi (Find the review here) and we were chatting away about the food and I mentioned the match with the beer. Now my partner is not a big craft beer drinking or beer drinking in […]

Echigo Pilsner

Japan is not really considered craft beer heaven for many people but there is one brewery that has been trying for quite a period now, Echigo. Echigo was Japanese first Brew pub, established in 1995 and had difficulty gaining notice from a Japanese public used to crisp super dry style lagers. Today’s offering, Echigo Pilsner was […]

1,001 Beers to try before you die. The first tasting.

On a weekend in a wonderful beer kingdom some of the Hit Hop readers got together to taste some of the 1001 beers to try before you die. The beers on offer were 1) Cascade First Harvest Ale 2) Estrella Damm Inedit 3) Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen 4) Chimay Grande Reserve 5) Weihenstephaner Pilsner 6) Dos […]

The Greek Connection

Hi, Well you couldn’t miss the news that Greece has been bailed out by the EU to the tune of billions of Euros. Well with that news I started to think about what Greece had to offer the world and after going through democracy, good food, a magnificent history and some beautiful landscapes I landed at what this […]

Gulf Brewery: Harvest Moon Organic Beer

Hi, Today I decided to write up a beer that I had while having an extremely bitter dining experience. I have tried to keep the two experiences separate but sometimes the quality of the beer has something to do with the it’s surroundings. To backtrack a little, late last week I went to a Mexican eatery […]

Home Brew Edition 2: Bock

Welcome back! Lately I have spent a bit of time writing about beer people and ingredients so I thought it was time to resume the regular programming. So here is the second edition of the Home Brew special and it starts with the German style beer, a bock. Bocks are generally strong alcohol beers, generally […]

Lager Lovers

The best way to ease yourself from the mass marketed fizz land of dull and boring beers with an inflated advertising budget and sense of importance to a place where beer is made for taste, food matching and a challenge on the taste buds is to emerge yourself into the world of lagers. Lagers are […]