The To Try 5

So Sunday night my girlfriend and I were out to dinner. I was having an Echigo Koshihikari Rice Lager with my sushi (Find the review here) and we were chatting away about the food and I mentioned the match with the beer. Now my partner is not a big craft beer drinking or beer drinking in […]

Summer means beers

The Christmas season has delivered again and so to have a number of Australian made Christmas beers which seem to have become a thing despite the climate being highly inappropriate for dark beers seasoned with all spice and ginger. Still they are enjoyable beers but I think if the beers were rebadged Winter Solstice beers I would […]

Hahn Hacks

For those of you who get Brews News in your inbox this won’t be big news but for the rest of you I am calling Hahn out as a hack brewery and a tease. For a long time I have been hoping that the big brewers would step up and take on something with a […]

breaking up with the bottle shop

There is a time in everyone’s life where you need to make tough decisions about the things in your life. Recently I had to make a big decision and that was to walk away from you, Dan. You see you just don’t satisfy my needs anymore. Sure you have worked hard to keep mixing it […]

Friday Night at the Franklin

This  weeks regular Friday night at the Wheaty was disrupted by young unionist drinks at the Franklin Street Hotel. It was a different place but there was  still good beer and good beer with a little novelty.  Let me present to you… The Franklin Hotel’s Mystery Beer. Yes be skeptical of the quality of beer you will […]

BrewDog “There is No Santa”

Welcome to the Sunday evening almost winter warmer review. Tonight I had the pleasure of enjoying BrewDog’s “There is no Santa.” Now for everyone who doesn’t know BrewDog are self-styled rebels who like to give the finger to the established beers in Brittain. I put it down to being Scottish, this beer is 4.7% and I admit I […]

Coopers Cramp

Hey guys, Today I thought I would write about the state of craft beer in South Australia when compared with the rest of Australia. The reason for this is that there have often be allegations that craft brewery struggles in S.A. because of the quality and grip that Coopers has on the South Aussie market. For so […]

Beers for Bucks

Welcome back guys As regular readers of this blog will know I review a bunch of beers which, depending on your point of view and vocabulary, can be described as good quality or wankerish. So with only 15 dollars in my pocket before payday the opportuinty to do something different presented itself to me. What is the […]