You know that time when you restart something there is always a little bit of dread about it. You probably won’t be able to run as fast, finish a task as quickly as you used to or in my case colour inside the lines as well I used to. Well this dread applies to starting […]

Thornbridge St. Petersburg Imperial Russian Stout

Thornbridge is one of my favourite breweries from the motherland. They do big beers that are especially memorable. The favourite one that I have had so far is the Saint Petersburg Imperial Russian Stout. Thornbridge has been brewing into casks since 2005 and started bottling in 2009 after a surge in popularity. Like the majority of […]

1001 beers to try: Dark Forces from Norway

One of the problems with Norway is the fact that the beer industry is heavily controlled by the government which means that breweries not publicly owned often have to pay through the nose to get their product to the market. Haand Bryggeriet is one of those breweries that have taken up the challenge and for […]

A wheaty weekend.

A wheaty weekend.

It has been a big long weekend for me and it has involved not just the regular Friday night at the Wheaty but also a Sunday night catch up with an out-of-town teacher friend. The end result? 1) You are not getting a post till a Monday night. 2) Much excellent beer was drunk and shared. The […]

1,001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die: Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

rarara Rasputin Russia’s greatest love machine, he drank it all The next beer on the quest to have 1001 different and awesome beers is the North Coast Brewing Company’s Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout. It is a big black 9 % stout that has been rated as  .It has a solid mocha looking head which hangs […]

Pikes Genuine Stout

Good evening guys, Today we look at Pikes Genuine Stout There is some confusion slash I couldn’t find out whether that it is made by Pikes of Oakbank because the logos are exactly the same but there is no reference to it on their website. Conversely Ratebeer has it being brewed by Hargreaves Hill Brewing Company. The […]

Beard and Brau’s Black Snout

One of South Australia’s best winter treats hits you on the nose and is the Black Snout by Para Hills West brewery, Beard and Brau. Tanya and Chris have been creating excellent beers since late 2008 with beers like the Golden Paw, Red Tail and today’s featured beer the “Black Snout.” The Black Snout pours […]