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Dogfish Head Review

This is the second of two Dogfish Head beers I have tor review, here is a hint! Yup there you go, Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch. Midas is named after a real dude who ruled over current day Turkey about 2,700 years ago. When his tomb was discovered in the 1950’s a large selection of drinking vessels, […]

Stone Smoked Porter

If Dogfish Head is a brewery for off centred people then Stone Brewery is a brewery for people who like something a little bit more extreme. I have written about the extreme marketing techniques used by Stone before especially regarding the Arrogant Bastard Ale but regardless of what you think about that, the beer itself is […]

Tokyo Black

So I’m trying to knock off the Japanese beers in the 1,001 beers to try before you die and I was looking forward to trying something in a can, especially a can that has a sumo wrestler on it. I think even if this had not been in the book I would have been tempted […]

Hitachino Extra High

This is one of the 1,001 beers to try before you die and it is an exciting offering from Japan. I mean how can you not get excited about a beer that chooses an adorable owl as their logo and actively badges themselves as a nest beer.  The Kiuchi brewery started life as a sake […]

St Bernardus Tripel

St Bernardus Tripel

Brouwerij St Bernardus used to be the authorised brewer for Westvleteren monks at St. Sixtus but in 1992 the monks went in house with their brewing to produce some of the rarest beers in the world and Brouwerij St Bernadus had to stand on it’s own two feet and one of the things they did […]

Anchor Steam Beer

Anchor Steam Beer

Ask any craft beer afficiando about the origins of craft beer especially in the United States and it won’t take much time before the name Fritz Maytag, Anchor or Steam beer enters into the conversation. Fritz Maytag was one of the lucky few who was set to inherit a fortune and sitting in San Francisco […]

1,001 Beers to try before you die. The first tasting.

On a weekend in a wonderful beer kingdom some of the Hit Hop readers got together to taste some of the 1001 beers to try before you die. The beers on offer were 1) Cascade First Harvest Ale 2) Estrella Damm Inedit 3) Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen 4) Chimay Grande Reserve 5) Weihenstephaner Pilsner 6) Dos […]