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Summer means beers

The Christmas season has delivered again and so to have a number of Australian made Christmas beers which seem to have become a thing despite the climate being highly inappropriate for dark beers seasoned with all spice and ginger. Still they are enjoyable beers but I think if the beers were rebadged Winter Solstice beers I would […]

Barley with a Bigfoot: Sierra Nevada’s Bigfoot Barleywine style Ale.

Sierra Nevada is one of the original American craft beer revolutionaries, from the original hoppy American Pale Ale to today’s offering of Bigfoot Barleywine they are one of the originals. The rapid speed at which the craft beer industry has moved onto the next big thing has created a gap between the extreme boundary pushers […]

Victorville Pale Ale

Good evening peoples, The week end is almost over so that means that it is time for a consolation beer and today’s winner is the local offering is Barossa Brewings Greenock Victorville Pale Ale. It pours out with a smallish head and a light amber colour. It looks very much like an old school british pale […]