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You know that time when you restart something there is always a little bit of dread about it. You probably won’t be able to run as fast, finish a task as quickly as you used to or in my case colour inside the lines as well I used to. Well this dread applies to starting […]

Matso’s Lychee Beer

Broome is considered one of the great getaways for Australians. It also has an interesting history for a place sporting just 14,400 or so residences across the year. This swells to about 45,000 during tourism season. The place was bombed repeadly by the Japanese during W.W.2, was a hive of cultures in the early days […]

3 Ravens White

I’m sorry that the blog hasn’t had a new post for ages and there really has been no excuse for it but it’s time to get back on track. Today’s offering comes from Australian brewery 3 Raven’s.┬áThe seeds of the brewery came out of a beer brewed for a wedding and it has since taken […]

Nirvana Pale Ale (Angry Man)

Go knock on any South Australian’s door and ask them about water and the discussion will inevitably turn to the Murray. Murray’s is also the topic for today’s blog post and is the NSW brewers offering, the Nirvana Pale Ale now renamed Angry Man Pale Ale. It is a hybrid Anerican/ English Pale Ale using […]