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Wednesday Wheaty

Wednesday Wheaty

Hi, This Friday just gone was an incredible let down, purely because most of the Friday night Wheaty crew had a work function and couldn’t attend, how selfish of them! Instead of writing about Friday nights at the Wheaty we will be talking about Wednesday night at the Wheaty and its ninth birthday. On this Wednesday night I got […]

Friday nights at the Wheatsheaf

Hey guys I know I have been a bad blogger lately, so to make up for it I am introducing this new regular Saturday post called “Friday Nights at the Wheatsheaf” Lately I have spent my Friday nights at Adelaide’s best beer pub, the Wheatsheaf, where I can taste some of the best beers that the world […]

Top 100 Craft Beers 2011

So it is done and dusted for another year. The 2011 top 200 Craft beers have been released. It was one of the most exciting moments of my Australia Day, that and seeing a full Sammy D do stunts on his trampoline. The top beer was one that I voted for and one of my favourite […]