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Good things come in pairs- Nogne O’s Two Captains DIPA

There are excellent craft brews that you can dine on and enjoy for every day of your existence on this mortal coil and then there are a few very special few that you could only ever afford for a very special¬†occasion. The top shelf range from brewers such as Mikkeller, Rogue and Nogne O fall […]

Home Brew Edition 2: Bock

Welcome back! Lately I have spent a bit of time writing about beer people and ingredients so I thought it was time to resume the regular programming. So here is the second edition of the Home Brew special and it starts with the German style beer, a bock. Bocks are generally strong alcohol beers, generally […]

Home Brew Special part 1: London Ale

Recently I got given a very special new years gift from a friend of mine, a set of 3 different home brews.¬†In getting such a present I promised that I would write up the products of his hop driven labours. So here it comes, the first of the three beers in the Home Brew Edition. […]