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Beer Review: West End Draught

I had a request for to review this particular drop of hoppy goodness. 

So having descended from the marble pedestal of my beer snobbery I decided that it was time for me to try this staple of the South Australian diet.

I tried it from a tinny into a glass. It poured a wonderful straw yellow colour and smelt smooth and a tad of bitterness to top it off. The beer also had a well developed head which hung around through the entire session.

I just stared at it for a moment, it looked absolutely wonderful. This amazing looking beer pushed me onto the back foot with the sheer brilliance of it’s beery glean.

After staring at it I figured it was time to taste it, instead of ogling it.

It started off with a pleasant bitter taste which very quickly tempered off only to be replaced with a nice upfront and simple malt hit which was very smooth. I enjoyed it a lot because, unlike a lot of beers I taste, it was simple I didn’t have to focus on my nose, mind and taste buds working to identify what sort of hop level is this, where did that malt come fromor which fruit flavours were hanging around. I could just sit back and enjoy it.

Then I made a mistake!

I tried it out of the can.


it was musty horrible and everything bad a beer could be. Don’t make me go on. It was truly the worst thing I had every tasted with the exception of the off Coopers Clear that I had at the Exeter.

So to put a lid on this brew. 6 out of 10 if you having it out of a glass and negative two trillion and a aluminium can if you are thinking about crushing it straight from the can.

One comment on “Beer Review: West End Draught

  1. Get real mate you obviously have no idea. Get a shot of testosterone and grab a red tin!


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