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Hahn Hacks

For those of you who get Brews News in your inbox this won’t be big news but for the rest of you I am calling Hahn out as a hack brewery and a tease. For a long time I have been hoping that the big brewers would step up and take on something with a […]

Beers for Bucks

Welcome back guys As regular readers of this blog will know I review a bunch of beers which, depending on your point of view and vocabulary, can be described as good quality or wankerish. So with only 15 dollars in my pocket before payday the opportuinty to do something different presented itself to me. What is the […]

Beer Commercials

Hi, Today I am going to take a little break from reviewing beer, mostly because I am working on a series. Instead I thought I would present my top 5 favourite beer commercials. Now even because some of these breweries produce what I refer to as swill worthy beer they still are able to produce amusing […]